Dominic Holt



This is my personal website and I'll be using it in a variety of different ways. A few parts about me and what makes me tick, a dash of a portfolio of work I've done in various things over the years, a touch of profesional items to show people interested in working with me or hiring me what I can do, and a tad bit of experimentation here and there as I tinker with random web technologies and learn new things.

I encourage you to check out whatever you like, connect with me, ask me questions and interact with me in any manner you see fit.

In general, if you're wondering who I am I'm a complicated mix of someone whose trying to make an impact on the world, whether that be on a global scale or in the hearts, minds and thoughts of the people that surround me on a daily basis. At work I'm a designer, an engineer, an architect and an executor. I stir the pot, I make things happen and then I stir the pot some more. In my personal life, I strive to improve the world around me as I continuously learn and experience new things and attempt to better myself and the person I am every day.